72 Hour Incident Notification

Any person licensed by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians Tribal Gaming Commission shall within 72 hours notify the Tribal Gaming Commission of any of the following (not to include any minor traffic violations such as speeding and parking tickets):

  • (a) Misdemeanor or felony arrest
  • (b) Misdemeanor or felony charge
  • (c) Incarcerated
  • (d) Gaming license application denial by another jurisdiction
  • (e) Gaming license suspended or revoked by another jurisdiction

Information Required

Every employee is required, within 72 hours of one of the above listed events, to provide the following information to the Gaming Commission:

  • (a) Full name and license (badge) number
  • (b) Site where employed
  • (c) Name of manager of supervisor
  • (d) Date and time of incident
  • (e) Disclosure of the type of incident
  • (f) Name of jurisdiction that brought the action
  • (g) Current conditions/status of the incident (posted bail, released, etc.)

Penalties for Failure to Comply

First Offense
7-day License Suspension
Second Offense
14-day License Suspension
Third Offense
License Revocation

NOTE:  Gaming Commission Administrator may elect to suspend a license until the employee appears before the Gaming Commission.

No applicant has an absolute right to a gaming license. A gaming license is a revocable privilege and no holder acquires any vested rights therein. If any occurrence is in question, it is best to report the incident or seek clarification from the Tribal Gaming Commission Investigator.

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